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What is RheumaticMonitor?

RheumaticMonitor is a new application and architecture for screening, monitoring, and analyzing the big data accumulating initially and overtime of multiple rheumatic-diseases patients.

Watch our video - what is a Rheumatic disease and how can Rheumatic Monitor help?

 RheumaticMonitor Goals

RheumaticMonitor focuses on the discovery of patterns from big clinical data of  Rheumatic disease patients that are predictive for: 

  • Exacerbations

  • Remissions

  • A positive or negative response to treatment

Moreover, real-time monitoring of RD patients in their natural surroundings, outside of the clinic’s boundaries, remains a challenge. RheumaticMonitor aims to address that challenge directly through continuous monitoring of the patients via objective measurements and subjective reports reported by the application.

Academic Leadership and Funding of the study

The RheumaticMonitor study is a joint study of the:


  1. Medical Informatics Research Center at Ben Gurion University of the Negev 

  2.  Big Biomedical Data Research Laboratory, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassah Medical Center.

  3.  Rheumatology unit at Hadassah Medical Center.


The RheumaticMonitor study is funded by the Israeli  Ministry of Science and Technology

Download our Application!

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